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International new ventures in the digital age: the case of a big data and analytics provider

Valerio Veglio, Rubina Romanello


Digital technologies offer new opportunities of business for entrepreneurs that possess big data and analytical skills. In particular, in the international competition context, new opportunities for new ventures internationalization arise in sectors related to Industry 4.0 digital technologies. However, when internationalization and digitalization merge, the dynamics can change, opening a new area of research still little investigated. To contribute to fill this gap, we adopted a case study approach to investigate the internationalization process of a digital International New Venture, which offers services related to Big Data and Analytics. Preliminary findings highlight factors influencing the growth process of this company, showing opportunities and challenges related to digitalization. The article concludes with a discussion of the implications of the authors´findings, opening new debates for international entrepreneurship research and practice.


International New Ventures, Big Data & Analytics, International Process

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