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Recensione E. Martinelli, G. Tagliazucchi,, Resilienza e impresa. L’impatto dei disastri naturali sulle piccole imprese commerciali al dettaglio, Franco Angeli, Milano, 2018

Elisabetta Savelli


The volume deals with the theme of business resilience during catastrophic natural events, such as the Emilia earthquake of 2012. The focus, in particular, is on the retail industry, whose role is considered as critical to ensure the survival and recovery of territories and local communities affected by such a calamity. Based on a composite methodology, the book analyses, both qualitatively and quantitatively, the dimensions of business resilience that can emerge and/or be activated in different phases of a natural disaster (before, during and after). Several implications derive for retailers as well as for policy makers. On the one hand, useful elements are identified for retailers to understand on which factors and knowledge/abilities to invest to face the crisis. On the other hand, useful policies are suggested to support the commercial system and to enhance the recovery of local communities.

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resilience, retailing, crisis, natural disasters.

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