How start-ups overcome their liabilities. Emerging topics and future research path

Maria Albano, Norman Lubello


Start-ups play a crucial role in the innovation process; nevertheless literature on the theme is fragmented. This study aims to provide a better understanding of start-ups and innovation, and suggests future research paths.

By means of a literature review, we selected and analyzed relevant papers identifying the main topics of this research stream. Start-ups face a liability of smallness and a liability of newness, thus they engage in relationships with a variety of partners to overcome these constraints. In this context start-ups can play the role of knowledge recipient or knowledge supplier, depending on the relationship type. Besides, the revised literature highlights the leading role of the innovation ecosystem for start-ups growth and success.

This work clarifies the role of start-ups in the innovation ecosystem, confirming the attitude of these young organizations towards openness. Furthermore it provides some insights for practice and several promising areas for future research. 


Start-ups; Innovation; Ecosystem

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