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Author Guidelines

Guidelines for authors

1. Basic rules
- Set page size and margins immediately
- Maintain a uniform criterion throughout the text (Ex .: keep the same symbol for the same level of the bulleted list)
- Compliance with the rules will speed up publication times by far
- In the event that the article shows significant deviations from these editorial rules it will not be published.

2. Facilities
In order to facilitate the authors, the editorial staff:
- provides a Word file with the preset styles (which can be activated as shown in the figure), a sample article and a PDF with editorial rules and examples of insertion of tables, figures and images;
 - recommends the use of programs such as Endnote, Procite, Refworks, Zotero, Mendeley for the automatic management of References;

3. Article organization
- Each item must contain the following elements, in order:
   o title
   o text article
   o summary in Italian (max 1000 characters, spaces included)
   o abstract in English (max 1000 characters, spaces included)
   o keywords and keywords (3 words)
   o JEL Classification (
   or references
- The paper must not exceed a total of 22 pages
- In the article information related to the attribution of the paragraphs can be inserted only after the possible acceptance of the paper
- Thanks can be inserted only after the acceptance of the paper and must be placed before the references under the heading "Acknowledgments"

4. File format
- The file must be uploaded to the magazine's website in .doc or .docx format. Other formats must be agreed with the secretariat.
- The file must not exceed 500 Kbytes

5. Page format and Margins
- In drafting the article, consider an A4 page (cm 21x29.7) with the following margins:
   or higher: 5.05
   or Lower: 5.05
   o Right: 4.15
   or Left: 4.15

6. Font or text style settings
- Title ARIAL, 12pt, CAPS, bold, centered alignment
- Arial subtitle, 12pt, italic, bold, justified alignment
- Sub-subtitle: Arial, 12pt, italic, regula, justified alignment
- Body of the Text: Arial, 12pt, regular, justified alignment
- Footnotes: Arial, 10pt, regular, justified alignment
- Abstract: Arial, 10pt, regular, justified alignment
- References: Arial, 10pt, regular, justified alignment
- Captions: Arial, 8pt, italics, justified alignment
- Source: Arial, 8pt, italics, justified alignment
- Table text: Arial, 8pt, regular, justified alignment

7. Other indications of characters or styles of the text
- The body of the text must be justified, and set with "Return" 0, "First line" and "Return" 0.5.
- All styles must have a single line spacing
- Always enter the automatic hyphenation of the text.
- Never leave a white line between one paragraph and another.
- In the article the underlined must not be used.
- Bold must not be used in the body of the text.
- The numerical values (percentages, averages, significance,) with decimal values must be inserted with the initial zero followed by the point and not the comma (Ex .: p. = 0.08; average 0.45 or 0.98%). A value like, 05 will be considered incorrect.
- The footnotes should be used only for comments, in-depth analysis, further reflections and not for simple bibliographical references.
- To insert references to tables and / or figures in the text, it is a good idea to use only the label and caption number (Ex .: as shown in Tab.1)
- The white spaces at the beginning of the page must be absolutely checked and eliminated.
- Attention to widows, that is when only lines remain at the end of a page, and to orphan lines, that is when only lines remain at the beginning of a new page. To keep this aspect under control in Word you can follow the following path: "View Paragraph tab" -> "Distribution of the text" -> Insert the check on "Check isolated lines". This setting is valid for all text characters.
- Leave only a white space between the words and check through the "Find" and "Replace" tool for any double spaces between the words.
- Quotations of definitions or parts of other works and the verbatim of the interviews must be placed in high quotation marks "" and in this case the underlined style may be used for the text. (Ex .: Lagerfield said: "we must ...")
- Italics should be used in the articles for uncommon English words

8. Numbering of titles, captions, sources and number of pages
- The first level subtitles or paragraph titles must be numbered progressively. The first level numbering will be identified with a single number (Ex: 1., 2., etc.) and will have a "Return" 0, "Protruding" and "Return" of 0.5
- Second level subtitles or sub-titles of paragraphs must be numbered progressively. Second level numbering will be identified with two numbers (Ex: 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, etc.) and will have "Return" 0, "Protruding" and " Return to "0.5
- Any subsequent subtitles must be numbered progressively and will be identified with an increasing number of characters depending on the level (Ex: 1.1.1, 1.1.2, 1.1.3, etc.). These must be set with "Return" 0 "Protruding" and "Re-enter" 0.5
- The captions must have a progressive numbering, but distinct for figures and tables. Ex: Tab.1; Tab.2 or Fig.1; Fig.2.
- The captions must be set with "Return" of 0.
- The source in the data or image tables must be set with "Return" of 0
- The footnotes must have a justified alignment and a progressive numbering. Ex: 1; 2; 3; etc.
- The pages must be numbered progressively, with the number in the center, Font Arial, 10pt

9. Line spacing and spacing
- between title and subtitle: "Line Spacing" 1.0 or single, with "Spacing" before and after set to 0 in the options of the "Paragraph" tab
- between subtitle and text: "Line Spacing" 1.0 or single, with "Spacing" before and after set to 0 in the options of the "Paragraph
- between subtitle and sub-subtitle: "Interline" 1.0 or single, with "Spacing" before and after set to 0 in the options of the "Paragraph
- between bulleted or numbered list and body of the text: "Line Spacing" 1.0 or single, with "Spacing" before and after set to 0 in the options of the "Paragraph" tab
- between text body and caption: "Line Spacing" 1.0 or single, with "Spacing" before and after set to 0 in the options of the "Paragraph


Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  1. The submission has not been previously published, nor proposed to another magazine (or an explanation is provided to the editor in the comments).
  2. The submission file is in Microsoft Word format
  3. The text  respects the stylistic and bibliographic requirements summarized in the Author Guidelines, which appear in the information page of the journal
  4. Authors making a submission to a peer-reviewed section of the journal should follow the instructions on How to Ensure a Blind Review (Please check Amount although it is  NOT VALID for the submission of articles intended for the "Observatory on Small Business " section)
  5. If changes are made to the authors of the article or variations to the title of the article between the first and second or subsequent referrals, the corresponding author must modify the relevant fields and promptly inform the secretary of the journal at andrea.

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this Journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes and not be made available for any other use